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Deja Fubar - a wow private community.'s Journal [entries|friends|calendar]
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Blackrock Depths: Part Deux [12 Nov 2009|07:28pm]

Shan was right, he has already written up a fabulous post with the Blackrock Depths quests. Take a look; and I'll see ya'all on Saturday!

(PS. The toons that started BRD before probably all have the Shadowforge key already)
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A short and not necessarily complete Sunken Temple quest list [14 Sep 2009|07:22pm]

1. Marvon Rivetseeker, a goblin in a ruin in Tanaris, has 2 quests. But he won't share them with you until you go to Feathermoon Stronghold and get "The Sunken Temple" quest from Angelas Moonbreeze. One of Marvon's quests requires you to go to his workshop and fetch a stone circle before he sends you to Sunken Temple with it. You should end up with "Into the Depths" and "Secret of the Circle".

2. The Atal'ai Exile at Shadra'alor in the Hinterlands gives you "Jammal'an the Prophet".

3. Brohann Caskbelly at the inn in the Dwarven District of Stormwind has a quest chain that involves Sunken Temple. The first quest he gives you sends you to the location of the Temple, but you don't need to go inside. Keep following the quest chain and eventually you will get "Into the Temple of Atal'Hakkar".

4. Yeh'kinya, a troll in Steamwheedle Port (Tanaris) has an annoying quest chain. You start off killing Screechers in Feralas, and eventually end up with the quest "The God Hakkar". You do have to go through Zul'Farrak along the way.

5? Apparently killing the green dragon Eranikus in Sunken Temple allows you to loot an item which gives you the quest "The Essence of Eranikus".
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Democracy Patch Day! [23 Jan 2009|04:14pm]


US Democracy Server: Patch Day
Version 44.0


  • Leadership: Will now scale properly to national crises. Intelligence was not being properly applied.
  • A bug has been fixed that allowed the President to ignore the effects of debuffs applied by the Legislative classes.
  • Drain Treasury: There appears to be a bug that allowed loot to be transferred from the treasury to anyone on the President’s friends list, or in the President’s party. We are investigating.
  • Messages to and from the President will now be correctly saved to the chat log.
  • Messages originating from the President were being misclassified as originating from The American People.
  • A rendering error that frequently caused the President to appear wrapped in the American Flag texture has been addressed.

Vice President

  • The Vice President has been correctly reclassified as a pet.
  • No longer immune to damage from the Legislative and Judicial classes.
  • The Vice President will no longer aggro on friendly targets. This bug was identified with Ranged Attacks and the Head Shot ability.
  • Reveal Identity: this debuff will no longer be able to target Covert Operatives.
  • Messages to and from the Vice President will now be correctly saved to the chat log.
  • A rendering bug was affecting the Vice President’s visibility, making him virtually invisible to the rest of the server. This has been addressed.


  • There was a bug in the last release that prevented the Cabinet from disagreeing with the President, which was the cause of a number of serious balance issues. This bug has been addressed, and we will continue to monitor the situation.


  • Many concerns have been raised regarding balance issues in the Supreme Court. This system is maintained on a different patch schedule, and will require longer to address.
  • A large number of NPCs in the Judiciary were incorrectly flagged "ideological." We are trying to identify these cases and rectify this situation.

Homeland Security

  • Homeland Security Advisory System: We have identified a bug in this system that prevents the threat level from dropping below Elevated (Yellow). The code for Guarded (Blue) and Low (Green) has been commented out. We are testing the fix and hope to have it in by the next patch.
  • Torture: This debuff is being removed after a record number of complaints.
  • Item: Large Bottle of Water is incorrectly generating threat with TSA Agents when held in inventory. We are looking into the issue.
  • Asking questions about Homeland Security was incorrectly triggering the Chain-Jingoism debuff.


  • Serious on-going issues with server economy are still being addressed. We expect further roll-backs, and appreciate your help identifying and fixing bugs. We can’t make these fixes without your help.
  • Bug reporting engine has been fixed on this feature. Previous version issued false error messages stating "Fundamentals are sound" and "You are a whiner." Said messages have been removed.


  • Reputation with various factions are being rebalanced. The gradated reputation scale was erroneously being overwritten by the binary For Us/ Against Us flag.


  • The” Desert Storm” quest chain was displaying an erroneous "Mission Accomplished" message near the beginning of the chain.
  • The quest chain that begins with “There’s no Cake like Yellow Cake” and terminates with “W-M-Denied” has been identified as uncompletable, and has been removed.


  • Many recipes that currently call for Crude Oil can now be made with Wind, Solar, Geothermal and Ethanol reagents. We hope to roll out even more sweeping changes in the next patch.


  • The “Axis of Evil” event is drawing to a close. Look forward to the “Rebuilding Bridges” event starting in January.


  • NPC pets "Conservative Hosts" have been readjusted. Verbal attack has been reduced. Aggro strength and range have been reduced.
  • NPC pets "Liberal Hosts" have been readjusted. Previous patch commented out feature. This has been fixed and set to be similar to "Conservative Host" pets.
  • Contrary to rumors, there are no plans for a "Fairness Patch".

Chronicled by David 2 at wartime 13:18

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New member? [27 Jul 2008|07:57pm]

My cousin nadreck created a toon on Bloodhoof today, hopefully to come play with us. Just wanted to make sure first that everyone's OK with me inviting him to join the guild?

He's really good people, and knows about everyone in my life.

The toon he created is called Nadreck, a Draenei hunter, and he says he's already up to level 10 on it. Cute.
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[12 Jul 2008|12:29pm]

Just so you all know, I have respec-ed my paladin to be more of a tank. I'm curious to see if my being a tank will make dungeons any easier. I've also leveled to 59, which I'm sure will make BRD a bit easier. :-)
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Gathering skill enchants! [03 Mar 2008|03:02pm]
Rosaleen had a lucky week, and so Aidoann now has the enchants for +5 skinning, +5 herbalism, and +5 mining, all for gloves. Just let me know if you want one of them :)
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Headcount [29 Feb 2008|03:09pm]

So, is anyone going to be around to play WoW this Sunday?
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quests in Blackrock Depths [16 Feb 2008|02:37am]
[ mood | excited ]

Ohayoo, folks :)

Thought I'd post the results of some research I'd done on BRD quests. Although probably most of y'all already know most this, there may be some useful tidbits :)

First off, for those who don't have the Atlas addon (I highly recommend it) there's a map of the dungeon and blackrock mountain at http://www.wowwiki.com/images/5/53/BRDmap.jpg

Quests that start outside the dungeon:

- Dark Iron Legacy: This is a two part quest to get the Shadowforge Key, which is needed to get to the bigger part of the dungeon. Chibii has the key already, I'm 90% sure, which is handy because of 2 things:
1) the only reason the quest is a two-parter is so that the second part can't be shared. Everyone who wants the key has to talk to the questgiver.
2) the questgiver is a ghost. You have to be dead to talk to him. There's lots of easy ways to get dead in the area, of course, but it's still a little bit of a nuisance. Fortunately you don't have to talk to him to _finish_ the quest; just go find Fineous Darkvire, kill him for the hammer Ironfel, and use Ironfel to open the statue of Franclorn Forgewrite to get the key.

- The Heart of the Mountain (from Maxwort Uberglint, in Burning Steppes, in the cave at the north edge): Get the Heart of the Mountain from the vaults

- The Good Stuff (from Oralius, in Burning Steppes, in Morgan's Vigil): get fanny packs from dark iron dwarves

- Hurley Blackbreath (from Ragnar Thunderbrew in Dun Morogh, in Kharanos): get the stolen recipe back from Hurley Blackbreath
     (this has a prequel quest, "Ragnar Thunderbrew", from Enohar Thunderbrew in the Blasted Lands, in Nethergarde Keep. I think the prequel is optional, but I'm not sure.)

- Incendius (from Jalinda Sprig in Burning Steppes, in Morgan's Vigil): Kill Incendius.
    (this has a prequel quest, "Overmaster Pyron", also from Jalinda; Pyron is in Blackrock Mountain, along the route to the BRD instance, but is outside the instance itself.)

- Ribbly Screwspigot (from Yuka Screwspigot in Burning Steppes, in the northern cave): Bring Ribbly back so the Screwspigot family can claim the reward. Not all of Ribbly need make the trip, of course.
   (this has a prequel quest, "Yuka Screwspigot", from Yorba Screwspigot in Steamwheedle Port in Tanaris, which is basically to go find Yuka. I think it's optional, but it yields 6500 xp if it's not grey...)

- A Taste of Flame (from Cyrus Therepentous in Burning Steppes, in the cave at the northeast corner of the zone): Kill Bael'rog, use the Molt to entrap his fiery essence, and take the Altered Mote back to Cyrus
    (To get the Molt, you can either do some stuff for the dragon in Searing Gorge and get it from the chest which is your reward at the end of the chain, or do a quest with Cyrus where he summons a Frenzied Black Drake which you have to kill.)

- Kharan Mighthammer (from King Magni in Ironforge): Find Kharan Mighthammer in BRD and find out what happened to the king's daughter. Leads to...
- Kharan's Tale (from Kharan Mighthammer): Listen to his story. Leads to...
- The Bearer of Bad News (from Kharan Mighthammer): Go back to King Magni. Leads to...
- The Fate of the Kingdom (from King Magni): Go to BRD and kill the Emperor of the Dark Iron Dwarves. Leads to...
- The Princess's Surprise (from the princess): Go tell King Magni that she doesn't want to leave. Don't worry, he's not into killing the messenger :)

And the biggie, which is the start of the process of getting the key to reach Onyxia's Lair. Only quests marked + are actually in BRD, but ya gotta have context. There's a walkthrough at http://internetgames.about.com/od/worldofwarcraft/a/onykeya.htm but here's the summary.
Starts with...
- "Dragonkin Menace", from Helendis Riverhorn in Burning Steppes (in Morgan's Vigil): go kill some dragonkin. Leads to...
- The True Masters: Lots of running around. From Helendis, go to Magistrate Solomon in Lakeshire, then to Bolvar Fordragon in Stormwind Keep, then to Magistrate Solomon, then to Marshal Maxwell in Morgan's Vigil, then to Ragged John in the northern cave and back to Maxwell. Leads to...
+ Marshal Windsor (from Marshal Maxwell): find Marshal Windsor in BRD. Leads to...
+ Abandoned Hope (from Marshal Windsor): Tell Marshal Maxwell about Windsor. This doesn't directly lead to, but does open the way for...
+ A Crumpled Up Note (from A Crumpled Up Note, which is a dropped item in BRD that you can get after completing Abandoned Hope): Take the note to Windsor. Leads to...
+ A Shred of Hope (from Windsor): Get two pieces of paper from General Angerforge and Golem Lord Argelmach and take them to Windsor. Leads to...
+ Jailbreak! (from Windsor): Straightforward escort quest: get Windsor to the instance entrance, then report to Marshal Maxwell. Leads to...
+ Stormwind Rendezvous (from Marshal Maxwell): Go to stormwind, and rendezvous with Marshal Windsor. Leads to....
- The Great Masquerade (from marshal windsor): go with Windsor to Stormwind Keep, and expose Lady Prestor's secret. Highlord Bolvar will do most of the work. Leads to...
- The Dragon's Eye (from Highlord Bolvar): take a fragment of medallion and go find someone who can restore its power, which is Haleh in Winterspring. Leads to...
- Drakefire Amulet (from Haleh): Go to Upper Blackrock Spire, kill Drakkisath (the big boss of the instance), and get his blood. May have to do this multiple times to get blood for everyone. Take it back to Haleh and get your key to Onyxia's Lair.

- Attunement to the Core (from Lothos Riftwalker, in Blackrock Mountain, next to the Molten Core entrance): In blackrock depths is an entrance to Molten Core, guarded by nasty elementals. Get a Core Fragment and take it back to Lothos, and then you'll be able to enter Molten Core from where he is, without having to go through BRD.

- There's also a quest given by a mob in Dire Maul that involves killing someone in Blackrock Depths, but we can leave that be til we get to Dire Maul.

Quests that start in the dungeon:

Rocknot's Ale: There's a bar in the dungeon, with a door behind which is a substantial portion of the dungeon. This quest (buy some ale from the bartender and give it to Rocknot) triggers a set of events which will open the door.

The Love Potion: There's a succubus in the bar who's got a thing for Rocknot. he is, alas, oblivious. Turning in this quest will cause the succubus to drag Rocknot off, opening the door in the process. In later visits, you can just talk to the succubus to get her to sneak off with Rocknot. This is the easy way of getting the door open in later runs, but since the materials come from outside the dungeon you can't, of course, use it on your first trip.

The Spectral Chalice: There's a floating chalice; if you put in the right materials you can learn how to smelt Dark Iron Ore. Only useful for miners. I think Chibii has done this, so if you need Dark Iron smelted for something and you don't want to burn 2 star rubys, 20 bars of gold, and 10 bars of truesilver, just let me know.

So out of all of that, there's 3 chains where you have to leave the dungeon:
In the middle of King Magni's line, after finding Kharan Mighthammer
In the middle of the Onyxia Kye line, after finding Marshal Windsor
after reaching the bar, to get the materials for The Love Potion.

Which means that this is pretty much guaranteed to be at least a 2-run dungeon, and possibly more if there's something specific you need from BRD; for example:
- the Thorium Brotherhood has a major questgiver and faction-based vendor in the bar (Lohktos Darkbargainer; has recipes for enchanting, smithing, tailoring, leatherworking, and an alchemy transmute. How useful the recipes are nowadays I leave to those practicing the trades :)
- the libram quests from Mathredis Firestar in Burning Steppes involve components looted from the Dark Coffers in BRD
- the Spawn of Jubjub quest at the Darkmoon Faire requires Dark Iron Ale, obtained from the BRD bar
- there's a raid quest that involves taking out Incendius, but raid quests and non-raid quests can't be done at the same time, so I didn't list it above

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Dungeon tomorrow? [26 Jan 2008|12:28pm]

[ mood | curious ]

I've heard rumors of us doing a dungeon tomorrow, but am not sure which one. What's the deal?

If it's open for voting, I have about 5 in Blackrock Spire. I have a couple in the Depths there, too, but not as many. Either way, I'm open to what folks are interested in, even if it's something completely different. :)

Much love to all of you!

Random icon usage, because it's awesome and neglected. ::grin::

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this sunday [30 Nov 2007|01:54pm]

anyone got anything they want to do on sunday ?
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Did someone say, "Updated Character List"? [16 Sep 2007|11:50am]

So, here's my Alliance toons on Bloodhoof:

Eiliann, 60 NE Hunter

Shierra, 50 Dwarf Paladin

Lollarilly, 29 Gnome Rogue

Juana, 32 Human Priest

Cerulian, 23 Draenai Shaman

I also have Horde toons, but most of them are level 20 or lower.
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How a video game can make you cry [15 Apr 2007|03:50pm]

[ mood | melancholy ]

There's a quest you can do in the Bloodelf starting area, specifically the Ghostlands. It starts with a pair of quests you can pick up in Tranquilien which send you to Windrunner village and Windrunner tower. Yes, that Windrunner. Sylvanis Windrunner, the former ranger-general of the elves of Quel'thalas. When you're playing Scourge in Warcraft III you hunt down, murder, and raise as a banshee this desparate defender of her homeland, right before you march through the middle of the elves' capital city and magically rape the entire race. Probably the shortest but most brutal campaign in Warcraft III.

So, I'm a Bloodelf happily slaughtering the necromancers and fallen ranger banshees which now inhabit Windrunner tower, so we can reclaim the area. I pick up a necklace which has an inscription on the back to Sylvanas from her sister. After showing the necklace to the local forsaken representative I'm sent to deliver it to Lady Sylvanas, who is now queen of the Forsaken. Lady Sylvanas is... a bit upset by it. At first she declares that it means nothing now and throws it on the ground. But then she looks sad, and she conjures up a group of highborn lamenter spirits to sing a lament. These ghosts appear and sing right there in front of you. The song is incredibly beautiful and very sad, although you can't understand the words. When the ghosts finish and disappear, Lady Sylvanas sighs and picks up the necklace.

Now I admit that I'm a bit of a softy. I stood there and listened to the entire song, which was an eternity for me cause I usually don't stop moving when I play WoW. When Lady Sylvanas bent down and picked up the necklace with a sigh, I teared up big time. I had to take a break from playing, it affected me that deeply.

If you end up doing this quest, make sure you talk to the Bloodelf ambassador afterwards. He'll give you a book with the translated lyrics for the song.

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Sunday wow after all? [18 Feb 2007|01:28am]

[ mood | sleepy ]

It looks like I won't have a sproutsitter tomorrow, so I'm stuck for it from about 11 AM until 2 PM local. Wanna fit in some WoW?

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WoW time [11 Feb 2007|11:13am]

[ mood | sleepy ]

Since I'm doing Sproutly things during the morning, I may be on a bit late. =)

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Awesome "flirt" [10 Feb 2007|09:17pm]

[ mood | flirty ]

I ran through all the flirts for the Blood Elf. My fave?

"I'm the girl ESRB warned you about!"

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BC Update Stuff [21 Jan 2007|11:17am]

Okies, on Bloodhoof I have a Draeni Paladin, named Acris. So Ally server is hooked up.

Now, on the Horde side, and on a different server, I started a small Blood Elf invasion. On Maelstrom server this is what I have for the Horde:

Malthalas, Orc Hunter
Delgath, Orc Warlock
Bludwrath, Tauren Warrior
Vedianos, Blood Elf Paladin
Damatharan, Blood Elf Mage
Traconis, Blood Elf Rogue
Kiandara, Blood Elf Priest

So make any mods to friends list as needed.

As far as possible Bloodhoof moves, we probably need to decide yay or nay soon, and which server to go to should we jump.

Later. :)
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Sunday WoW [21 Jan 2007|03:54am]

[ mood | sleepy ]

So I should be on around noon. Any idea what we'll get up to? My Blood Elf is now 7 and I picked up jewelcraft.

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Meanwhile, in Sunnyvale, California... [20 Jan 2007|09:54am]

[ mood | sleepy ]

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New characters [19 Jan 2007|10:02pm]

[ mood | ecstatic ]

I could just cry... chrispee42 and riff_77 got me Blood Crusades.

That is just unbearably sweet and kind.

I have new characters, of course. Blood Elf Paladin named "Sangrereal", which is Spanish for "Royal Blood". Next is a Draenei priest named "Sagrada" or "Sacred female" in Spanish.

So there's a move afoot to migrate to a new realm, and I'm good with that. The people I've met on Bloodhoof, I can catch up to in IM.

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Burning Crusade Update Schtuff [16 Jan 2007|09:11pm]

Since I came down with what seems to be (thankfully) a small touch of the lovely stomach flu stuff that my co-workers had come down with over the last couple of weeks, I was home today. Yes, today, BC-Day, the big release-o for Burning Crusade. Still waiting for my copy to be shipped to my place, but from what I can tell, it seems to be really, really well taken by those that I talked to and at online today who have it loaded already.

In addition, there have been at least 5 viewings of Blood Elves in Orgrimmar today, and the levels ranged from 8 - 22. Yes, with not even 24 hrs under it's belt, I saw a 22 Level Paladin already.

Also, apparently there are a couple of 64 levels floating around as well. And I fought my first Draeni in the WSG Battleground, he died quickly and painfully at the hands of my Orc Warlock.

Jewelcrafting trainers are in the new areas only from what I've been told...hint, save your malachite, shadowgems, tigereyes, etc.

All in all, I've come to the conclusion that I am NO WHERE NEAR addicted to this game as I could be, as cool and addicting as it is. Again, a Blood Elf, 22nd level, in under 14 hrs....damn. That is some grinding.

See ya :)
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